About Us

We’re working towards an Alberta where most cancer is prevented, thanks to innovative research and prevention strategies embraced by Albertans and their communities, workplaces and health system.

We’re Committed to Cancer Prevention

Alberta Health Services (AHS) and its partners are transforming cancer prevention in our province. With we are making cancer prevention information and tools more accessible to Albertans everywhere. This site connects you to a host of useful resources and strategies you can use right now to reduce your risk of cancer.

Through the Alberta Cancer Prevention Legacy Fund (ACPLF), the Government of Alberta provides support to Alberta Health Services and Alberta Innovates to make a major difference in cancer prevention, screening and research.
Alberta Health Services  Alberta Innovates Health Solutions

AHS supports people every day in their efforts to prevent cancer and find it early when treatment is most effective. Here are just some ways AHS does this:

Albertans are concerned about the impact of cancer on themselves, their loved ones and their communities—and so are we. Through a coordinated approach, we are working with communities, workplaces, and health care providers to determine which innovative strategies work best to reduce the risk of cancer in Alberta. We also work closely with Alberta Innovates to ensure a strong connection to priority areas of cancer prevention research.


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