Join the Be Sunsible Sun Safety Program

In Alberta, there is an estimated 778,500 Albertans that are potentially exposed to UVR through their occupation.

While outdoor workers themselves need to take steps to protect themselves from UVR exposure, employers also have an equal obligation to create a sun safe environment that protects the health and productivity of your workforce.

Alberta Prevents Cancer (APC) is currently looking for 10 to 15 workplaces to pilot the Be Sunsible program for two summers, starting in the Spring of 2016 and ending in the Fall of 2017. While there are no costs to participating and numerous benefits, your organization will actively participate in the design and implementation of your sun safety program, provide meaningful feedback on how we could improve the program, and help to evaluate the effectiveness of the Be Sunsible Program. An APC consultant will be assigned to assist your company over the course of the pilot project.

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