Through a coordinated approach, we are working with workplaces, communities and health care professionals to reduce the risk of cancer and chronic disease in Alberta. Our main objective is to use innovative approaches to support workplaces in creating healthier work environments, and to reduce cancer and chronic disease risk factors in Alberta’s workforce.

What We Do

We work with workplaces to:

  • Build capacity to develop comprehensive workplace health programs.
  • Support implementation of workplace health programs and activities.
  • Provide workplaces with tools and resources.
  • Provide guidance to evaluate the impact of workplace health programs and,
    • assess changes in organizational culture.
    • understand your return on investment (ROI).
    • examine impact of workplace health programs on the value of investment (i.e. employee turnover and morale)

We work with Certifying Partners (CP) and Partnerships In Injury Reduction to:

  • Support the addition of the Optional Health Element into CP training and the Certificate of Recognition (COR) audit process.

Who We Work With

  • Workplace health/wellness champions
  • Workplace departments (i.e. human resources, marketing, communications, sales, health and safety)
  • Industry associations
  • Certifying Partners
  • Partners in Injury Reduction
  • Government of Alberta